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You’re Going to Tile Over What?!

Carlo Americo Odella, President Europamerican Tile & Marble

You should know that you can tile directly to Corian, Slate, Marble, Formica, Sheet Vinyl and/or old tile! Over the past years we have tiled over all of these surfaces carefully, correctly and quite successfully. We provide a written 2 year guarantee on our work and with only one exception (discussed below) each project was successful and still in existence today! Any hard clean surface that is properly affixed to the subsurface is a candidate to be tiled upon.

            We do not often tile over Corian which would them make for quite an expensive countertop! In the past, however, due to lack of satisfaction with a light colored Corian countertop we applied a multicolored tile right over the Corian resulting in a trouble free, interesting countertop that highlighted the kitchen décor.

Here in the Dayton area someone sold a great deal of multicolored slate tiles in foyers of new homes that were being built in the 50’s to the 70’s! After the slate became dirty and dull many housewives heard that you could shine up the slate with floor wax. Indeed the floor wax shined up the slate but it also created a semi bumpy ’vinyl floor’ that required constant stripping and repolishing to keep it shiny. This was more work on an ongoing basis for many housewives so we have often been called in to tile over the old slate to create a new easy to care for tile floor! We often install a large body tile floor set on the diagonal to make the foyer bigger and easier to clean (less grout and grout joints!).

You’re Going to Tile Over What - Part II
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